Kombucha, Wine & Rooftop Honey are in the Mix at Oak + Cru

Farm-to-table, locally sourced and handcrafted ingredients is the trend for today’s customers – a local, authentic experience.

The story below was published on Orchard & Vine online by Holly Thompson on June 17, 2016.  Photos by Holly Thompson.

OAK + CRU KITCHEN AND WINE BAR – located at the Delta Grand Okanagan, greets you with a wonderfully inviting design and décor; it really speaks for itself. But more importantly, they’ve taken the farm-to-table experience to a whole new level. Showcasing amazing cocktails, canapes, and mouth-watering desserts, using locally sourced, hand-crafted ingredients and serving 100% local wines 100% of the time.

Head Bartender Riley Edwards, has mastered the art of cocktails and shakes things up a bit and I mean literally; delicious Mojitos with fresh herbs and lavender (from the garden pots), the Gin Stave cocktail, made with Unruly Gin from Wayword Distillation House, Kombucha, a powerful probiotic from Mother Love Ferments, fresh mint and a swipe of honey from their very own honeycomb  from their rooftop hive. Savory and aesthetically pleasing – a perfect cocktail paired with a perfect view!

If you’re looking for more of an intimate setting, there’s the Wine Experience Centre. Beautifully lit and adorned with over 3000 bottles of wine, situated at the front of the hotel, near the front entrance, with plenty of space for a gathering of about 10 guests. The Wine Experience Centre offers the opportunity to eat, drink and be happy, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and wine bar. An engaging and private culinary experience for those special moments!

Oak + Cru truly offers it all. A stunning lake view, luxurious inviting atmosphere, an abundance of locally sourced and hand-crafted food and beverage and a culinary journey that will leave your taste buds wanting more…Check out feedster.com

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