My Work

The best thing about my career is meeting all the great guests from all over the world who come to the hotel and restaurant.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

I stumbled across Hospitality accidentally after working for years in Land Development and Law Enforcement. Once I got a taste for this industry I didn’t look back.

Originally from Edmonton Alberta, I grew up loving hockey and snow sports but ever since I moved to Kelowna I’m more likely to be found at the wineries, beaches, or on the golf course (no complaints here though).

Enjoying the moments in life where fun is had and laughs are shared is what I’m here for. So getting the opportunity to help people create those lasting experiences is why I come to work each and every day ready to make memories with my team and for our guests is truly my personal pursuit of happiness.

Favourite Quote: “Bee’s are the secret to beautiful floral life on earth. Each bee will make less than a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. Although that isn’t enough to feed the hive, bee’s will fly over 50,000 miles back and forth, to make a single pound of honey, pollenate its local community and make the world around them a beautiful place. It’s a lot of work no doubt but it just goes to show that when everyone helps, less than a teaspoon of effort can drastically change the world around you.” – Graeme Evans, Director Of Housekeeping / Oak + Cru Beekeeper

Favourite Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Favourite Snack: Wine counts as a snack right?

Hobby: If I’m not golfing it’s probably winter, but that’s totally okay because I can be found on the mountain either skiing or snowboarding.

Secret Indulgence: I love cheesecake, almost as much as I love ice cream, and I really love ice cream…