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Snacks, Salads + Starters

Smoked Olives  5
roasted garlic, sweety peppers

OC Beef Jerky  6
bourbon BBQ glaze

Crispy Fried Cancha  5
sea salt + lime

Ancient Grain Salad  17
quinoa, hemp seeds, sorghum berries, wild rice, peaches, sweet potato
pumpkin seeds, goat parmesan, apple cider + ginger vinaigrette

Caesar  Salad  12
romaine, baby kale, bacon bits, focaccia croutons, watermelon radishes, parmesan

Green Salad  13
tomatoes, cucumbers, apple chips, fig + almond press, verjus + maple vinaigrette

Tomato + Strawberry  Salad  15
prosciutto, quark cheese, baby arugula, basil, amaranth

add to your salad: roasted salmon  10, grilled chicken breast  9, 4 garlic prawns  9

Sweet Corn + Jalapeño Soup  10
popped sorghum, corn salsa fresca

Roasted Sea Scallops  19
cauliflower purèe, capers, raisins, grapefruit

Charred Shishito Peppers  13
manchego cheese, chili bean aioli

Crispy Yellowfin Tuna  18
rice crust, quinoa, kohlrabi, black garlic aioli


Meat + Dairy Board  22
house + local charcuterie, 2 cheeses, street food crackers, pickled vegetables
grain mustard

Lamb Meatballs  17
smoked tomato sauce, carmelis feta, cilantro, grilled red fife sourdough

Chicken Wings  16
bourbon glaze, pickled vegetables, chili bean aioli

Bread Board  9
anna’s potato focaccia + garlic cheese bread, jalapeño cream cheese, chickpea + smoked paprika hummus

Wood Fired Selva Prawns  19
sweet garlic + parsley butter, vadouvan spice, focaccia

Chicken Satays  17
peanut glaze, QP mayo, crispy shallots, cantaloupe slaw

Firedeck Pizza

Margherita  16
san marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, fresh basil
add pepperoni  3

Carnivore  18
smoked chorizo, pepperoni, spicy calabrese, san marzano tomatoes, red onions
fior di latte, fresh basil, peppers

Baked Potato  17
smoked bacon, sour cream, armstrong cheddar, scallions, rosemary

Smoked Salmon  18
basil + dill pesto, broccolini, boursin cheese, capers, onions


Steelhead Salmon  29
black pepper glaze, smoked chorizo + kimchi fried rice
miso vinaigrette

Halibut and Chips  22
bc tree fruits cider battered halibut, fries, gribiche cabbage slaw

Charred Cauliflower Steak  22
chickpea + bean ragoût, chimichurri, wild rice

Grilled Steaks:   8oz Flat Iron  32  |  10oz Dry Age Ribeye  42
crushed yukons with truffle + smoked cheddar, chef’s veg, mushroom
peppercorn + steak spice gravy
add 4 garlic prawns  9

Seafood Linguini  27
oceanwise prawns, smoked salmon, halibut, spring peas, bonito crumb, linguini nero, parmesan

Chicken Breast  26
fraser valley ham, emmental cheese, chicken skin + hemp seed gremolata, whipped potatoes
celery root remoulade

The OC Burger  19
cheddar, smoked bacon, sweet onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes
russian dressing, sesame brioche
substitute the Beyond Burger, 100% plant based  3

house focaccia, EVOO, balsamico  5
mini mac + cheese  8

side of daily vegetables  7
truffle fries or sweet potato fries with caper mayo  6


With 25 years of experience and multiple awards and accolades in the pastry kitchen, Chef Arthur Chen has mastered the art of designing beautifully crafted pastry, chocolate, confectionary and centrepieces.   We highly recommend you try one of his latest creations.

Lemon Curd Bar  10
graham cracker crumb, vanilla whipped cream
caramelized meringue, raspberry

Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Caramel Tart  10
sumac cream, passionfruit

Vegan Coconut Panna Cotta  10
chai ice cream, popped sorghum

Parlour Ice Creams   5/scoop
vanilla, strawberry, chai (vegan) or okanagan pear sorbet

A great way to end your day!

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