OAK+CRU lunch salad vertical

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Social Bites & First Tastes

Breaking Bread     9
O+C herb baguette, sundried tomato tapenade, olive oil & balsamic

Old Grandad Wings      16
GF bourbon chicken, O+C honey orange glaze, O+C spicy aioli

Meat & Dairy      22
cured meats, Little Qualicum cheeses, O+C pâté, pickled farm veg, dried stone fruit, spiced nuts, cherry compote, O+C rainforest crisps, Street Food crackers, O+C crostini

Social Soul      22
GF fried chicken, chips, O+C pickled cabbage arugula slaw, sriracha honey dip

Hali & Chips      21
GF Okanagan cider battered halibut, chips, pickled lemon fennel aioli, marinated cabbage arugula slaw

Cheese Dip      14
5-cheese prawn & mushroom dip, O+C focaccia

Baking Brie      15
Little Qualicum brie, tree fruit chutney, O+C flavoured honey, crushed hazelnuts, O+C roasted garlic, O+C focaccia

Olives      8
warm medley

Sundried Tomato Hummus      5
O+C flatbread

Easy Caprese     7
heirloom tomato & bocconcini w/basil

Edamame    6
cilantro, lime, ponzu

A Little Taste of Qualicum      6
1 oz cheese, Street Food cracker, tree fruit chutney

like gourmet camping

Fire Deck Oven

Land & Sea Flatbread      18
prawns, prosciutto, mozzarella, rasp parma, tomato sauce, peaches, balsamic glaze

Spiced Chicken Flatbread    18
chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, Carmelis goat cheese, masala sauce, cilantro, lime creme fraiche

The Marg Flatbread     16
tomato, bocconcini, O+C roasted garlic, basil, mozzarella, Fire Deck asparagus, balsamic reduction, pesto tomato sauce

Local Charcuterie Flatbread      18
chorizo, salami, mozzarella, mushrooms, basil, pesto tomato sauce

Asparagus flat bread close up
OAK+CRU mussels on concrete

with an inspiring twist

Tried & True

Green Green Wine      20
BC mussels, tomatoes, O+C focaccia, Okanagan white wine & green curry lime leaf broth

The Burg     22
maple pepper bacon, Fire Deck portabella, O+C pickles, tomato, lettuce, Armstrong white cheddar, spicy onion rings, dijon mayo

Noodle of the Moment     21
O+C chili tomato tapenade, olives, capers, arugula, Carmelis goat cheese

Black Bean & Chickpea Burg      16
spicy onion rings, mixed greens, tomato, Carmelis goat cheese, O+C cilantro aioli

Baked Mac      18
5-cheese penne, chorizo, O+C focaccia dusting, O+C tomato jam, arugula w/ greens

soup, salad, etc.

To Start

Off The Vine Soup     10
roasted tomatoes, O+C roasted garlic, black olive dust, O+C chive creme fraiche

Fire Deck Leek Ash Beef Carpaccio    15
rasp parma, O+C compressed apples, crushed hazelnuts, mustard seed herb dressing, Street Food cracker

Popeye Me Spinach     16
spinach, maple pepper bacon, dried figs, tomatoes, goat farm feta, candied cashews, BC mushrooms, O+C focaccia crostini, O+C maple balsamic vinaigrette

Festers Greens      14
festers mixed greens, tomatoes, radishes, O+C compressed apples, green pumpkin seeds, O+C cherry dressing

Festers Baby Gem     14
gem romaine, rasp parma, cucumber, Festers tomatoes, O+C pickled shallots, olives, O+C focaccia crostini, O+C lemon & garden herb vinaigrette

Compressed Watermelon Salad      12
lime & O+C honey compressed watermelon, rasp parma, O+C dehydrated olives, O+C orange vinaigrette

Accessorize Your Salad
peach & bourbon glazed salmon   11
thyme sous vide Suncrest chicken   10
local chili marinated roasted prawns   10
shave prosciutto   9

beef carpacio dish close up
watermelon dish close up
beef with asparagus cu high rez

the main event


From Sea to Fork    29
peach & bourbon glazed salmon, Fire Deck corn & black bean salad, fingerlings, farm veg, chive creme fraiche

Seared Sable Fish     34
Vancouver Island spot prawn broth, fingerlings, farm veg

Black Apron Beef    40
10oz NY Strip, herb potato pave, farm veg, O+C red wine demi

Stuffed Chicken   28
Fire Deck sundried heirloom tomato & garden basil filled chicken, Fire Deck buttermilk corn bread, farm veg, red wine demi

Lamb Sirloin   30
garden rosemary marinated lamb, boursin polenta, farm veg, Fire Deck tomato, O+C plum & red wine demi

Smoked Tofu   21
local farmers’ market veg, tomato jam, fire roasted strawberry tomatoes, arugula

Foragers Pasta     26
chorizo, roasted mushrooms, broccolini, roasted peppers, walnut crumble, rasp parma

Fire Deck Side Dishes
sautéed BC mushrooms & onions, O+C red wine demi    9
local chili marinated roasted prawns    10
Brussels sprouts & lardons, clam cream sauce  10


With 25 years of experience and multiple awards and accolades in the pastry kitchen, Chef Arthur Chen has mastered the art of designing beautifully crafted pastry, chocolate, confectionary and centrepieces.   We highly recommend you try one of his latest creations.

Fire Deck Apple Flatbread   12
almond frangipane cream, caramel sauce, coconut streusel, vanilla ice cream

Peach Chocolate Coconut Verrine      5
milk chocolate cremeux, peach lemon mousse, chocolate sponge, coconut streusel

Golden Apple       5
apples, apricot gel, peanut butter cream cheese streusel, gold green tea sponge

Chocolate Coffee Pâté     5
Irish cream dark chocolate pâté, hazelnut chocolate coffee cookie

Dream Puff   5
pistachio cream filled cream puff, strawberry bomb

Cherry Chocolate Confit   5
cherry chocolate mousse, cherry confit inclusion, chocolate cookie, gold chocolate sponge

OAK+CRU apple dessert vertical
chocolate dessert

A great way to end your day!

We will create something amazing