Happy Hour

3pm - 6pm | Sunday to Friday

$6 Wine, Beer & Cocktails

Barrel to Tap 6oz
O+C Rotating Barrel, Red
O+C Rotating Barrel, White

 O+C Lager and Tree Rotating Tap

Living Tea Mojito
Havana rum, sweet lime mix, Mother Love Honey Ginger Kombucha
Soda, Mint

Seasonal Wine Cocktail

$5 Social Bites

warm medley

 Sundried Tomato Hummus
O+C Flatbread

Easy Caprese
Heirloom tomato & bocconcini w/ basil

cilantro, lime, ponzu

A Little Taste of Qualicum
1 oz cheese, Street Food cracker
tree fruit chutney

Dressed Up Fries
grated pram, black pepper, rosemary aioli

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The Happiest Hours are from 3pm - 6pm!