Happy Hour

3pm - 6pm | Sunday to Friday

$6 Wine, Beer & Cocktails

Barrel to Tap 6oz
O+C Rotating Barrel, Red
O+C Rotating Barrel, White

Pint of O+C Lager

Living Tea Mojito
Havana rum, sweet lime mix, Mother Love Honey Ginger Kombucha
Soda, Mint

Right Hand Spritz
Aperol, 50th Parallel rosé, Bittered sling peach bitters
sweet lemon mix, soda, orange flesh, mint

$5 Social Bites

warm medley

 Sundried Tomato Hummus
O+C Flatbread

Easy Caprese
Heirloom tomato & bocconcini w/ basil

cilantro, lime, ponzu

A Little Taste of Qualicum
1 oz cheese, Street Food cracker
tree fruit chutney


The Happiest Hours are from 3pm - 6pm!