My Work

Torn between being an artist or architect, an opportunity in pastry shaped his career and combined his interests.

Executive Pastry Chef

Born in Tianjin China, Executive Pastry Chef Arthur Chen began working as a pastry trainee at the Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai in 1987. Influenced by French and American pastry chefs in the kitchen, Arthur quickly developed his talent and distinguished himself by creating masterful designs and showcasing artistic themes in his beautiful showpieces in China, United States and eventually bringing his expertise to Vancouver, BC and most recently, Kelowna.

His remarkable work did not go unnoticed; in 2002 a letter from Buckingham Palace addressed solely to Arthur expressed her Majesty’s marvel at his undeniably creative and exquisite works during her visit to the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver. One year later, Chef Chen was selected to paint a centerpiece with sugar and cocoa of then President Bill Clinton as a welcome gift from the General Manager of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. Soon after, Arthur began taking on management responsibilities at various hotels. Drawing from his early management education, he trained and mentored employees as well as created specialty menus and organized pastry kitchens for world class hotels. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, he was tasked with coordinating the successful opening of the brand new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel only 8 days before the opening ceremonies.

With 25 years of experience and multiple awards and accolades in the pastry kitchen, Arthur Chen has mastered the art of designing beautifully crafted pastry, chocolate, confectionary and centrepieces. His current role as Executive Pastry Chef at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort & Conference Centre has allowed him to continue to create masterpieces in the kitchen as well as lead and mentor his team with his indisputable talent.